$10 - sponsor a BLANKET for an infant at Shirati District Hospital

Provide a blanket in the maternity ward used to keep newborns warm and dry.

The blankets have one side with local, traditional Tanzanian material and the other side has soft and absorbent material perfect for the babies. The blankets will be assembled by the local dressmaker in Shirati. The remainder of the money will be used to purchase bags and masks to provide respirations for the infants at Shirati District Hospital.

$20 - Sponsor a blanket, receive a blanket

In addition to sponsoring a blanket for an infant at Shirati District Hospital, you will receive a handmade baby blanket to keep at home or give as a thoughtful gift! 

$80 -sponsor a STETHOSCOPE

As important as stethoscopes are here, they are even more important in low-resource settings, where providers need to rely on their physical exam in the absence of radiology options, etc.


 Thank You so much for your contribution to this project! 

If you would like a Shirati Babies Project wristband,
please send an email to shiratibabiesproject@gmail.com requesting one.
Thank you again!

 All donations are tax deductible.